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Mert Yazilim was awarded with the R&D Center Certification after careful consideration in February 14th, 2017 by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
It currently boasts a dynamic and qualified squad of more than 30 people, divided across Software R&D and Electronics R&D.
It will be relocating to its brand new modern offices with 3000 square-meters space, which will bring all of its departments under one roof.
  • trex DCAS was produced thanks to the R&D talent and years of field experience of Mert Yazilim and is constantly kept compatible with the latest technology.
  • With its powerful hardware specifications and fully MES-focused design, third generation NGPs manufactured by Mert Yazilim, help create a difference.
  • They’re able to communicate with every workstation, regardless of how old the base system is, and make it a part of an Industry 4.0 Smart Factory.
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