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Established in 1996, Mert Yazilim provides services aimed at software and electronics industries.

Mert Yazilim offers MES and trading software solutions and consultance under its trademarks “Trex”, “DCAS”, “SYSMOND”, “AIZEN” and “SENSORIUM” in business software market, and will be moving to its new 3000 square-meters location in 2018. Awarded with the “R&D Center Certification” in February 2017, Mert Yazilim will be supplying its customers with better qualified services that will create a difference.

Mert Yazilim currently has offices in two locations. In Bursa and in Konya offices, more than 50 employees are tasked with R&D, P&D, sales and post-sales services.

With the vision of becoming a technology creator, Mert Yazilim produces embedded systems by integrating its Electronics and Software R&D departments. After years of Production Management Systems development, Mert Yazilim has established its Electronics R&D department in 2008 and has benefited greatly from its experience in developing MES systems, successfully completing 3 different TUBITAK projects so far. End products of these projects were added value for the undergoing MES projects.

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Mission: Mert Yazilim provides solution focused, sustainable and timely services supporting performance and profitability by fulfilling its customer demands and expectations based on industry. We are fully dedicated to developing business IT systems with our team of software specialists using current and advanced technological resources. We offer varying solutions on different software platforms to answer the needs of our customers.

Vision: Mert Yazilim aims to become a solutions affiliate for its business partners’ corporate projects by taking advantage of its dependable MES offerings and systems integrations, developed using up-to-date technics.

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Smart Factories
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Future is Taking Shape Here

Dear Affiliates,
As Mert Yazilim and Electronics, we are working towards creating a new era of projections, realised through the digitalising world by examining global trends and industry technologies continually.
With the knowledge and experience stemming from the advantage of being on the field regularly, we are fully focused on developing new and better technics.
We think the trendy expression “Industry 4.0” follows the digital transformation of Turkish Industry closely, so we are working day and night to take our place on the global market with our domestically developed MES/MOM solutions.
Because we know that Turkish Industry should be able to use its instruments up to the level of investments they require and if not, should have the tools to determine and analyze the reasons.
In that regard, we express our gratitudes to all our affiliates that put their faith in us.




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